About Hook-Me-Up Software’s
Online Community

The Hook-Me-Up Software
online community consists of all those people that use the online
resources of the Hook-Me-Up Software web site (the “Site”)
to exchange information, content and ideas. The community will thrive
based on mutual respect and consideration. Your use of Site and its
resources is subject to these Guidelines. We can change these
Guidelines at any time by posting the changed version on the Site.
Here are rules that apply
to the Site and its resources for the purpose of making our community
No Objectionable
 You should not supply or post any content or message
that is abusive, belligerent, slanderous, racist, vulgar or sexually
explicit or otherwise offensive. Never use the Site or its resources
to insult or attack other persons. Don’t write in all capital
letters; it is considered shouting and it is also harder to read. You
should not promote or encourage illegal conduct.
No Commercial
 You may not use the Site or its functions to promote
your own or any other business or commercial activity. Do not make
offers to buy or sell using the Site or its resources. You may not
attempt to drive traffic to any other site for commercial gain. You
may not promote or run any contest, chain letter, investment
opportunity, or any other form of solicitation or pyramid scheme by
means of the Site or its resources.
Truthful Dealings. Any
information that you supply should be true to the best of your
knowledge. You should not use any false identity and should not claim
false credentials.
Privacy of Others.
 You should not disclose the name, address or
other personal information about third parties without their express
permission. You should not encourage or request others to disclose
personally identifying information.
Age Restriction.
Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to register on this
Site or use any functionality for which registration is required. You
should not permit or encourage any violation of this rule.
for Posting.
 Please give your posts a meaningful title so that
members and visitors do not spend time reading posts about things
they have no interest in. Make your title descriptive, reflecting the
topic you are addressing, rather than a generic title such as
“Question” or “I Need Help.”
Legal Compliance; No
Illegal Filesharing.
 You may use the Site and its resources only
in full accordance with applicable law. In particular, you should
never post or exchange content, data, or files that infringe any
third party copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights.
Unauthorized sharing of copyrighted content is not permitted.

No Hacking or Spamming. You may not circumvent any Site
protections and safeguards, and you may not redirect messages and
communication to other sites. You should never use the Site’s
functionality for unauthorized mail or messages or any form of
Password Security.
Keep your password private. You should not share your account with
Violations and Reports
Feel free to report
violations or abuse. Contact Hook-Me-Up Software at the following
email address:
Hook-Me-Up Software does not monitor content that
is exchanged or posted by means of Hook-Me-Up Software. However, we
reserve the right to remove any content that we determine, in our
sole discretion, to be inappropriate. We also may remove any content
or activity in violation of these rules or the Site Terms of Use. We
may terminate any user account or any user’s access to the Site
and its functionality if we believe that there has been any