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An anvil falls on bosses

Toss My Boss

Toss My Boss virtually shows your boss who is boss. Throw a ragdoll Boss at office buildings through the ages and various other hazards. Use your Boss as a resource to make it through over a dozen game levels. Create a custom boss-head caricature of your favorite boss to let your boss join the virtual fun. Note that bosses may include and are not limited to; spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, exes, jerks who live down the street or the next apartment, that guy over there, with the hat, my cats, bearded dragons, and especially politicians. Well, not my cats, I like them. And the bearded dragon, he is very cool. But, feel free to go ahead and caricature you favorite politician and toss away!

Fish enjoying the reef

Little Fish Big Fish

Be The Fish! So you think being a fish is easy? Floating serenely in space, eating, and making more fish? Well, you may change your mind after experiencing this fast paced action packed simulation of a fish's life. Lead your school to food and safety long enough to spawn to increase your numbers and survive the feeding frenzy of bigger fish!  Learn the common names of marine life living around the reef.  Pay attention to  which simulated foods the fish can eat, and where they can hide.