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A Game of Survival

Three little fish schools live in the reef controlled by you as the leader of each. Up to two predator schools live in the reef.  They will spawn after a time and will hunt the little fish when they get hungry. Your mission is to survive by eating, helping your schoolmates find food, hiding from predators, and surviving long enough to spawn more schoolmates.

Simply touch the screen to move the fish toward food or away from predators. Tap on a fish school on the upper right part of the screen to switch control of schools.

On a desktop browser used the arrow keys to move and the mouse to switch schools.

The game is easier to see if you rotate your mobile device to landscape.

Pick Your Schools

At the start of a level, pick one to three fish schools. If you pick only one fish, the computer will randomly pick the other two. The fish display shows where the fish can hide, what type of food the fish can eat, and what predators to avoid.

Target Score

Each level of play has a target score and a time limit. You need to survive long enough for the time to run out and earn the target score or higher to complete the level. The score increases every second you survive, when you eat, when the members of the school you are currently controlling eat, and when you spawn. More points are awarded when members of the school eat than when you eat.

School Details

Every second of game play reduces the energy level of the fish, causing hunger. If the members of a school are too hungry, they will abandon the school and hunt for food without you. The upper right of the screen will have this display which shows the status of the school. Your fish is on the far left. The fish following you and thier number is the next image. The fish facing away from your fish have decided to leave the school in search of food. The purple pie circle under you fish indicates how close your school is to spawning. The bar under all the fish shows the average health of the school. Eating more food causing spawining to happen faster.


When a hunting predator is near, schoolmates will scatter and turn red, fleeing from danger. The little fish can hide in certain types of coral, depending on the type of fish. All little fish can hide in the floating seaweed, but the seaweed will disperse and disappear after a time. You can control a school and "park" them in a safe place. They will stay safe until they get very hungry or, in the case of seaweed, the safe place disappears.

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