Fiddle Beta for Android is now available

Please send your gmail e-mail via the registration form and we will send you a link for the beta version. Your email is required to grant you a free license by listing you as a tester in the Google Play store for this application. Fiddle needs permission to record audio for input to the music analyzer.  It will also ask permission for local storage (Google calls this Media and Photos) to store the videos it creates and for exported .vcomp Fiddle files.

If you signed up for the Beta and did not see the e-mail, your spam filters may have blocked the response.

Follow the steps in Getting Started to use the application.

First of all

Fiddle is a music visualizer where colorful spheres react to sound by getting brighter, larger, and changing their orbital path around gravity centers.  Add to that full user control and you have the interactive part.

You are in control.  Express yourself!

You participate by controlling several channels: location, reaction intensity, color, zoom, spin, fade, gravity, and more in real time with the music.  Fiddle automatically records each of these channels for every moment of every song, allowing you to easily play back or edit them.  Easily rewind to modify your recorded actions.

Share your creations

The recorded channels can be exported as .vcomp (Visual accompaniment) files to share with friends who also have Fiddle.  Or, create an mp4 video of your creation to share.

This is a great way to enjoy your music library or promote your original music compositions! 

 Fiddle uses Spectrum Analysis to provide highly responsive visualizations to complement your music.  The analysis is divided into 27 frequency bands from the low bass to the mid range to the high treble sounds, allowing you to maximize your visual expression.

Why Create Fiddle?

Current music visualizers are limited.  Some of the most popular visualizers for Android have fake spectrum analysis displays! Most have repeated patterns of animations, which gets boring fast (Fiddle visualizations are “snowflakes”, no two alike!) Customization is limited for these products.  Further, there is no way to save or share custom settings for specific points in the music (in music, timing is everything!) With other visualizers creating a video requires one or more separate applications to capture the visualization and dub in the audio.  Fiddle has easy video creation and sharing built in.  It’s as easy as one, two, three:

  1. Compose a video by Fiddling with it,
  2. Export the recorded .vcomp file or create a video,
  3. Press the Share button to share with friends or other Fiddlers!*

*Note that copyright policies need to be observed when sharing music videos. Fiddle .vcomp files can be imported and played with music already owned by the user.


Fiddle Features

  • Create mp4 video of your creations
  • Auto-records all setting channels which include
    • Location or arrangement of sound sensitive objects, one for each of 27 frequency bands.
    • Sensitivity of each reactive object
    • Repel factor for orbitals
    • Alpha fade factor (how long blurred images stay on screen before fading away)
    • Zoom and Spin of graphics
    • Color
  • Mp3 player with playlist
  • Accelerometer mode controls Zoom and Spin based on motion of the device.
  • Zoom and Spin pulse buttons provide a powerful visual effect for picking up the beat.
  • Turn Alpha Blur on or off.
  • Export and Import of visualization recording settings
  • High performance PC version available soon.
  • Randomized colors
  • Full support to rewind a song or jump back 10 seconds to easily edit your visualization recording.

We would love to hear your feedback on this product.

Fiddle is currently deployed for Android beta testing. Please Register to receive a link to the beta test app.

Check out this music video of “Bongo Madness” by Quincas Moreira created with Fiddle:

More music to Fiddle with is available at the YouTube Audio Library

Here are some of the visual control features in action:

Here is an example of a music video created using Fiddle:

and another:




Beta testing

Updates to the beta will be available soon. It will include a simplified initial workflow, better object responses, and other enhancements.

Feature Idea

We are considering an additional feature to have the “globules” form a picture provided by the user (or multiple pictures as a slide show.)  The globs would migrate to the picture and duplicate the average color of the pixels, like a chameleon, before the picture is displayed. Then resolve to a high resolution image.  After …


Fiddle currently is available for Android devices for beta! The videos and images presented here are from the current development application working on a Galaxy Android tablet.   Please fill out the form below to receive a link to the beta application.